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2018 will mark the 40th anniversary of the creation of CEPII.
40 years scrutinizing the world economy to detect changes, understand mechanisms, identify the logic - and sometimes its absence. Such work is more useful than ever in the current context: while the common challenges are ever more acute, such as climate change and growing economic interdependencies, which has sometimes appeared as an international order, or at least a multilateral approach, seems to crack at an accelerated speed. Analyzing these trends and their issues is a challenge. But at age 40, are we not in the prime of life? The entire CEPII team joins me in presenting you our best wishes for 2018.
Sébastien Jean
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Accord de Paris : les Etats américains vont-ils se rebeller ?
Cecilia Bellora, Jean Fouré
January 8, 2018

Let's Try Next Door: Technical Barriers to Trade and Multi-destination Firms
European Economic Review
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Orefice

Shipment frequency of exporters and demand uncertainty
Review of World Economics
Gabor Bekes, Lionel Fontagné, Balazs Murakozy, Vincent Vicard

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Forum de Davos et commerce planétaire
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Sébastien Jean