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EQCHANGE is a global database on effective exchange rates. It includes two sub-databases. The first sub-database delivers effective exchange rates for 187 countries that are computed under three different weighting schemes and two panels of trading partners (186 and top 30) over the 1973-2020 period. The second sub-database provides equilibrium exchange rate estimates (approaches: Multilateral PPP & BEER) and corresponding currency misalignments for 182 economies over the 1974-2020 period.

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Reference document to cite: Couharde, C., Delatte, A-L, Grekou, C., Mignon, V. and Morvillier, F. (2018), "EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates", International Economics, Vol. 156, Q4 2018

Person in charge & contact: Carl Grekou, eqchangecepii.fr

Licence: Etalab 2.0


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