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Market Access Map (MAcMap) provides a disaggregated, exhaustive and bilateral measurement of applied tariff duties. It  takes regional agreements and trade preferences exhaustively into account. The source data is from ITC (UNCTAD-WTO).

This data set is constructed for analytical purposes and provides an ad valorem equivalent (percentage) of applied protection for each triplet (importer-exporter-product) for the years 2001, 2004 and 2007
MAcMap-HS6 is the source of information for applied tariffs in the GTAP dataset.

 Methodology: a Short Description
The methodology is common to the three releases (2001, 2004 and 2007).To minimize endogeneity problems (when computing unit values or when aggregating data), it relies on the concept of "reference groups of countries": bilateral unit values and bilateral trade are replaced by those of the reference group of countries (on the export side for unit values??, on the import side for weighting scheme).
MAcMap-HS6 treats specific duties (per unit) as well as TRQs and offers MFN for
WTO members. Contingent protection is not included.


Reference document to mention
2007 data: Guimbard, H., Jean, S., Mimouni, M. & Pichot, X. (2012)
MacMap-HS6 2007, an exhaustive and consistent measure of applied protection in 2007
International Economics, Q2, 2012, p. 99-122.

Methodology: Bouët A., Decreux Y., Fontagné L., Jean S. & Laborde D. (2008)
Assessing applied protection across the world
Review of International Economics, 16(5): 850-863.




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 Person in charge
Houssein Guimbard

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