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Comptes Harmonisés sur les Echanges et L’Economie Mondiale (CHELEM)

Data to 2019, population and GDP to 2026
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For several decades now, the CHELEM database [International trade flows, balance of payments and world revenues], developed by the CEPII, has been recognised as one of the most useful tools to analyse global economic trends in a framework combining consistency, exhaustiveness and reliability. The construction of such a database implies the need to keep adapting to new technologies, to the deep transformations linked to the global geopolitical context, and to changes which are introduced in national or international sources.

The CHELEM database is composed of three databases: CHELEM-International Trade, CHELEM-Gross Domestic Product and CHELEM-Balance of payments. These three databases entail annual data over long periods, going back to either 1960 or 1967. The three databases are interlinked by a common worldwide geographical classification organised in 95 elementary zones, one "miscellaneous" zone and one "total world", and by specific indicators (coverage ratio; degree of openness; market position; exports, imports and balances related to GDP; comparative advantages, etc.).

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 Methodology: a Short Description
All the files (methodology and classifications) are downloadable on TOOLS.

The CHELEM - International Trade database (INT):

Entails the bilateral flows of all traded goods expressed in millions of current dollars since 1967. The data from the different sources are harmonised and made consistent in a framework spanning the entire world and all goods, detailed in either 71 INT-CHELEM product categories, 43 INT-GTAP categories or 147 INT-ISIC accounts, to which are added the non-affected product as well as the total accounts. For each year and product category, the trade between different geographical zones (countries or group of countries) are therefore represented by a unique and harmonised matrix.
These data can be aggregated by production chains, by stages in the production process, by intermediate sections, by sectors or by technological levels. Geographical aggregates are also available.

The CHELEM - Gross Domestic Product database (GDP):

Contains economic aggregates from 1960 on and spans the entire world, covering the 95 elementary zones and 200 independent countries or statistical territories. The series relate to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expressed in millions of dollars and are presented in three different ways: In international value, i.e. by converting flows expressed in national prices by the current exchange rate; in international volume, i.e. by converting flows expressed in constant national prices in respect to the base year by the exchange rate corresponding to the base year (2017); in PPP volume, i.e. in a system where prices are constant through time and space, by converting flows expressed in constant national prices in respect to the base year (2017) by the rate corresponding to Purchasing Power Parity. These GDP series are complemented with total population series (millions of inhabitants at mid-year) and nominal exchange rate series for independent countries.

The CHELEM - Balance of Payments database (BOP):

Contains information on the flows of the Balance of Payments since 1967. This data covers the entire world and, hence, concerns about 200 countries as well as the 95 elementary zones identified by the common classification and international organisations. They are displayed in a classification aggregated in 29 credit accounts, 29 debit accounts, 36 balance accounts and 7 specific balance accounts, presenting the main headings of the classification recommended by the International Monetary Fund in the sixth manual of the Balance of Payments of 2008.

This data, once completed and corrected, is expressed in millions of current dollars. The data used is essentially the primary data provided by the IMF.



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CEPII, base de données CHELEM
CEPII - CHELEM database

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de Saint Vaulry, Alix (2008)
Base de données CHELEM - Commerce international du CEPII
Document de travail du CEPII 2008-09