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Country Profiles provide the interactive panorama of 80 countries’ international trade using databases produced by CEPII. The long time trade flows series in goods and services (since 1967) as well as for GDP and population (since 1960) from the CHELEM database; a comprehensive measure of tariff protection by partner zones, industries and production stages from the MAcMap database; very detailed harmonized trade flows from the BACI database; and finally, their breakdown by one-way and two-way trade as well as by unit value ranges from the WTFC database make up peerless information on international trade through 7 sections:
  • Broad patterns (GDP, population, openness, trade breakdown)
  • Tariff protection
  • Products & partners
  • Comparative advantages
  • One & two-way trade
  • Unit value ranges
  • Terms of trade


Reference document to mention
CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications
Panorama du CEPII,
N°2016-02, June 2016

Charlotte EmlingerHoussein GuimbardAlix de Saint VaulryDeniz Unal

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