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The TradeProd database proposes bilateral trade, production and protection figures in a compatible industry classification for developed and developing countries. Inspired by the Trade, Production and Protection 1976-2004 database made available by the World Bank (Nicita and Olarreaga, 2007), TradeProd covers 26 industrial sectors in the ISIC Revision 2 (International Standard Industrial Classification) from 1980 to 2006.
 Methodology: a Short Description
Bilateral trade comes from BACI, the international trade database at the product level constructed by Gaulier and Zignago (2010). Production figures are based on the World Bank dataset "Trade, Production and Protection", and complemented with figures by OECD and UNIDO. Bilateral protection data comes from the MAcMap project.


Reference document to mention
de Sousa J., Mayer, T. & Zignago, S. (2012)
Market Access in Global and Regional Trade
Regional Science and Urban Economics

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 Person in charge
Thierry Mayer