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The ProdComp database allows price and productivity levels to be compared for several countries in the manufacturing sector.
The database provides price and productivity relative levels for two benchmark years (2007 and 1997), as well as growth indices.
Germany is the reference country in the 2007 benchmark comparison involving eight countries (Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK). By contrast, France is the reference country in the 1997 one (Egypt, Germany Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Turkey).
 Methodology: a Short Description
Following the ICOP methodology from the University of Groningen, production price parities - computed from unit value ratios - are used to assess national outputs of the sample countries in a common system of prices with the reference country. Relative real value added calculated through this method are then used to compute relative real productivity and unit labour costs.



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 Person in charge
Deniz Ünal