CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Release Date Description
2.4 January 2016 Introducing SSP scenarios and 2100 time horizon. Updated energy price projections. Introducing smoothing of non-annual projections. Source code available.
2.3 October 2014 20 new countries available. Updated source data. Revised methodology on energy productivity. Source code available.
2.2 September 2013 Updated parametrization (in line with published article) and new scenario capabilities (price of investment, skills of migrants). Source code available.
2.1 September 2012 Updated methodology and GDP data. Source code available.
2.0 February 2012 New TFP model, female labor market participation rate, correction for oil production bias, updated data and new countries. A new working paper is available.
1.1 Limited access New education data and new countries.
1.0 December 2010 First public release.