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Monday December 16, 2013
SPOTLIGHT ON ... Europe : From Fragmentation to Financial Integration

Luc Everaert Luc Everaert,
Assistant Director,
Monetary and Capital Market Department,
Thierry Tressel Thierry Tressel,
Senior Economist,
European Department,
Christophe Destais Christophe Destais,
Deputy-Director of the CEPII

The new IMF publication From Fragmentation to Financial Integration in Europe is the first comprehensive and in-depth third-party study of the European Union financial system and financial stability framework after the crisis. It derives from the recent IMF Regional Financial Stability Assessment Program (FSAP) of the European Union and is supplemented with related policy papers. It deals with the various issues central to securing a safer financial system for the EU, such as the pendulum of financial integration and fragmentation. The institutional reforms that are taking place, namely the regulatory program under the auspices of the European Commission and the prospective Single Supervisory Mechanism, are extensively dealt with.


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Publication From Fragmentation to Financial Integration in Europe