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updated : June 16, 2021
Hong Kong : 10ème ou 70ème exportateur mondial ?
Le Blog du CEPII, Facts & Figures, March 18, 2014
Alix de Saint Vaulry

Re-exports and Re-imports in UN COMTRADE
2nd Meeting of the Working Party on International Trade in Goods and Trade in Services Statistics (WPTGS), CEPII, 16-18 November 2009
Alix de Saint Vaulry

Base de données CHELEM - Commerce international du CEPII
CEPII Working Paper, N°2008-09, June 2008
Alix de Saint Vaulry

CHELEM - International Trade: new classifications
The CEPII Newsletter, N°37, June 2008
Alix de Saint Vaulry

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