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Database Coordinator at CEPII
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Trade & Globalization

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updated : July 12, 2021
Analysis of the Role of Tariff Concessions in East Asia
Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, vol. 13(2), p.141-167, 2019
Houssein Guimbard,  Kenichi Kawasaki, Badri G. Narayanan, Arata Kuno

Nutrition Transition and the Structure of Global Food Demand
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 2(101), p.383-403, 2019
Christophe GouelHoussein Guimbard

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the 21st Century: Has it Done the Business?
Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 70(1), p.3-25, 2019
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

Competing liberalizations: tariffs and trade in the twenty-first century
Review of World Economics, vol. 155(2), p.1-47, 2019
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

OMC. À la recherche d'un nouveau souffle
In Carnets Graphiques, CEPII, p.46-47, April 2018
Houssein Guimbard

Droits de douane. Une baisse considérable
In Carnets Graphiques, CEPII, p.44-45, April 2018
Houssein Guimbard

Le bilan commercial du Brexit dans l’agriculture, négatif mais contrasté
Le Blog du CEPII, Post, January 15, 2018
Cecilia Bellora, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré, Houssein Guimbard

L’agriculture, un secteur très exposé dans la négociation des relations commerciales post-Brexit
Le Blog du CEPII, Post, January 9, 2018
Cecilia Bellora, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré, Houssein Guimbard

Chapter 6: Tariff Policies and the Progress Toward Open Markets for Agricultural Products
In Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy (General Editor: Tim Josling); Volume III: International Trade Rules for Food and Agricultural Products (Karl Meilke and Tim Josling), Karl Meilke and Tim Josling, December 2017
Houssein GuimbardJean-Christophe BureauSébastien Jean

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
UPEC SEMINAR, 24 November 2017
Houssein Guimbard

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