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updated : June 16, 2021
On the economic desirability of the West African monetary union: would one currency fit all?
Economic Modelling, Forthcoming, 2022
Cécile Couharde, Carl GrekouValérie Mignon

Les cycles économiques de la France : une datation de référence
Revue Economique, Forthcoming, 2022
Valérie Mignon, et al.

Currency misalignments and exchange rate regimes in Latin American countries: a trade-off issue
Annals of Economics and Statistics, N°141, p.71-102, 2021
Jorge Carrera, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon, Romain Restout

MULTIPRIL, a New Database on Multilateral Price Levels and Currency Misalignments
International Economics, Vol. 165, Q1 2021
Cécile Couharde, Carl GrekouValérie Mignon

Does backward participation in global value chains affect countries’ current account position?
Review of World Economics, vol. 157(1), p.65-86, 2021
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Determinants of solar photovoltaic deployment in the electricity mix: Do oil prices really matter?
Energy Economics, vol. 97(May), 2021
Margaux Escoffier, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon, Anthony Paris

The tale of two international phenomena: International migration and global imbalances
Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 66, 2020
Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

Measuring the Balassa-Samuelson effect: A guidance note on the RPROD database
International Economics, Vol. 161, Q1 2020
Cécile Couharde, Anne-Laure Delatte, Carl GrekouValérie MignonFlorian Morvillier

Heterogeneity within the euro area: New insights into an old story
Economic Modelling, vol. 90, p.428-444, 2020
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Carl GrekouValérie Mignon

Exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Accounting for changes in the Eurozone trade structure
Review of World Economics, vol. 156(4), p.835-858, 2020
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Editorial, International Economics
International Economics, Vol. 160, Q4 2019
Sébastien JeanMario LarchValérie Mignon

EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates
International Economics, Vol. 156, Q4 2018
Cécile Couharde, Anne-Laure Delatte, Carl GrekouValérie MignonFlorian Morvillier

Growth-enhancing effect of openness to trade and migrations: What is the effective transmission channel for Africa?
Journal of African Economies, vol. 27(4), p.369-404, August 2018
Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

On the current account - biofuels link in emerging and developing countries: do oil price fluctuations matter?
Energy Policy, vol. 116(May), p.60-67, May 2018
Gabriel Gomes, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon, Anthony Paris

International Economics, Vol. 153, Q1 2018
Sébastien JeanMario LarchValérie Mignon

Globalization and exchange rate pass-through in Europe: Is there a link?
Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 33(4), p.773-786, 2018
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty?
Energy Economics, vol. 68(October), p.313-326, October 2017
Marc Joëts, Valérie Mignon, Tovonony Razafindrabe

Oil currencies in the face of oil shocks: what can be learned from time-varying specifications?
Applied Economics, vol. 49(18), p.1774-1793, 2017
Valérie Mignon, Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde, Tovonony Razafindrabe

Beyond average energy consumption in the French residential housing market: A household classification approach
Energy Policy, vol. 107(August), p.82-95, 2017
Emmanuel Hache, Déborah Leboullenger, Valérie Mignon

Exchange rate pass-through in emerging countries: Do the inflation environment, monetary policy regime and central bank behavior matter?
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 79(December), p.20-38, 2017
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

How macroeconomic imbalances interact? Evidence from a panel VAR analysis
Macroeconomic Dynamics, vol. 20(7), p.1717-1741, October 2016
Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

Towards greater diversification in central bank reserves
Journal of Asset Management, vol. 17(4), p.295-312, July 2016
Valérie Mignon, Marie Brière, Kim Oosterlinck, Ariane Szafarz

On the impact of macroeconomic news' surprises on Treasury-bond yields
Annals of Finance, vol. 12(1), p.29-53, 2016
Imane El Ouadghiri, Valérie Mignon, Nicolas Boitout

Reassessing the empirical relationship between the oil price and the dollar
Energy Policy, vol. 95(1), p.147-157, 2016
Virginie CoudertValérie Mignon

Nonlinearity of the inflation-output trade-off and time-varying price rigidity
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 77(5), p.634-654, 2015
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

On the impact of volatility on the real exchange rate – terms of trade nexus: Revisiting commodity currencies
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 58, p.110-127, 2015
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

Persistence of current-account disequilibria and real exchange-rate misalignments
Review of International Economics, vol. 23(1), p.137-159, 2015
Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

Oil price shocks and global imbalances: Lessons from a model with trade and financial interdependencies
Economic Modelling, vol. 49, p.232-247, 2015
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Valérie Mignon, Audrey Sallenave

Short-Run Dynamics in Bank Credit: Assessing Nonlinearities in Cyclicality
Economic Modelling, vol. 37, p.127-136, February 2014
Vincent Bouvatier, Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Explaining US Employment Growth after the Great Recession: The Role of Output-Employment Non-linearities
Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 42, p.118-129, December 2014
Menzie Chinn, Laurent Ferrara, Valérie Mignon

Current accounts and oil price fluctuations in oil-exporting countries: the role of financial development
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 47, p.185-201, 2014
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde, Dramane Coulibaly, Valérie Mignon

Introduction: Recent international macroeconomic and financial issues
International Economics, Vol. 133, Q1 2013
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

Les mésalignements de taux de change réels à l’intérieur de la zone euro
Revue de l'OFCE, vol. 127, p.37-56, January 2013
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

Pegging emerging currencies in the face of dollar swings
Applied Economics, vol. 45(36), p.5076-5085, 2013
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

Revisiting the theory of optimum currency areas: Is the CFA franc zone sustainable?
Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 38, p.428-441, 2013
Cécile Couharde, Issiaka Coulibaly, David Guerreiro, Valérie Mignon

On price convergence in Eurozone
Economic Modelling, vol. 34, p.42-51, 2013
David Guerreiro, Valérie Mignon

The ‘Forward Premium Puzzle’ and the Sovereign Default risk
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 32, p.491-511, 2013
Virginie CoudertValérie Mignon

Do real exchange rates still matter within the euro area?
Review of International Economics, vol. 21(1), p.35-48, 2013
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

On the links between stock and commodity markets’ volatility
Energy Economics, vol. 37, p.16-28, 2013
Anna Creti, Marc Joëts, Valérie Mignon

Currency Misalignments and Growth: A New Look using Nonlinear Panel Data Methods
Applied Economics, vol. 44(17), p.3503-3511, September 2012
Sophie Béreau, Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Does the banking sector structure matter for credit procyclicality?
Economic Modelling, vol. 29(4), p.1035-1044, July 2012
Vincent Bouvatier, Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Carbon Price Drivers: Phase I versus Phase II Equilibrium?
Energy Economics, vol. 34(1), p.327-334, January 2012
Anna Creti, Pierre-André Jouvet, Valérie Mignon

Does OPEC still exist as a cartel? An empirical investigation
Energy Economics, vol. 34(1), p.125-131, January 2012
Vincent Brémond, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon

Les déterminants des prix du carbone : une comparaison entre les phases I et II
Revue Economique, vol. 63(3), p.601-610, January 2012
Anna Creti, Pierre-André Jouvet, Valérie Mignon

Testing catching-up between developping countries: growth resistance and sometimes growth tragedy
Bulletin of Economic Research, vol. 64(4), p.470-508, 2012
Gilles DufrénotValérie Mignon, Théo Naccache

Is price dynamics homogeneous across Eurozone countries?
Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 27(4), p.609-632, 2012
David Guerreiro, Marc Joëts, Valérie Mignon

Is the Market Portfolio Efficient? A New Test of Mean-Variance Efficiency when All Assets Are Risky
Finance, vol. 34(1), p.7-41, 2012
Marie Brière, Bastien Drut, Valérie Mignon, Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz

Does Euro or Dollar Pegging Impact the Real Exchange Rate?The Case of Oil and Commodity Currencies
World Economy, vol. 34(9), p.1557-1592, September 2011
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

Recent developments on commodity, energy and carbon markets: an introduction
International Economics, Vol. 126-127, Q2-3 2011
Valérie Mignon

On the impact of inflation and money on output growth: does the level of inflation matter?
Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 33, p.455-464, 2011
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

Les effets de la crise des subprimes sur le marché financier mexicain
Revue Economique, vol. 62(3), p.461-470, 2011
Gilles DufrénotValérie Mignon, Anne Péguin-Feissolle

The effects of the subprime crisis on the Latin American financial markets. An empirical assessment
Economic Modelling, vol. 28, p.2342-2357, 2011
Gilles DufrénotValérie Mignon, Anne Péguin-Feissolle

World-consistent equilibrium exchange rates
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, vol. 25, p.12-32, 2011
Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Amina Lahrèche-Révil, Valérie Mignon

L’impact des crises financières globales sur les marchés des changes des pays émergents
Revue Economique, vol. 62(3), p.451-460, 2011
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On the link between forward energy prices: A nonlinear panel cointegration approach
Energy Economics, vol. 33, 2011
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Quelques éléments empiriques sur la crise financière récente
Revue d'Economie Financière, N°103, p.21-40, 2011
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The factors that determine the carbon price: an econometric analysis
Tendances Carbone, N°62, 2011
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Exchange Rate Volatility across Financial Crises
Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 35, p.3010-3018, 2011
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The trade-growth nexus in the developing countries: a quantile regression approach
Review of World Economics, vol. 146(4), p.731-761, 2010
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Nonlinear Adjustment of the Real Exchange Rate Towards its Equilibrium Value: a Panel Smooth Transition Error Correction Modelling
Economic Modelling, vol. 27, p.404-416, 2010
Sophie Béreau, Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

L’intégration commerciale est-elle une condition préalable à l’intégration financière ?
Revue Economique, vol. 61(3), p.477-487, 2010
Adeline Bachellerie, Jérôme HéricourtValérie Mignon

On the complementary of equilibrium exchange rate approaches
Review of International Economics, vol. 18(4), p.618-632, 2010
Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Sophie Béreau, Valérie Mignon

Taux de change des pays exportateurs de matières premières : l'importance des termes de l'échange et des monnaies d'ancrage
Revue Economique, vol. 61(3), p.499-509, 2010
Virginie Coudert,  Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

The Dollar in the Turmoil
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, vol. 23(4), p.427-436, December 2009
Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Sophie Béreau, Valérie Mignon

Robust estimations of equilibrium exchange rates within the G20: A panel BEER approach
Scottish Journal of Political Economy, vol. 56(5), p.608-633, November 2009
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What if the euro had never been launched? A counterfactual analysis of the macroeconomic impact of euro membership
Economics Bulletin, p.2252-2266, September 2009
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Les liens entre les fluctuations du prix du pétrole et du taux de change du dollar
Revue d'Economie Financière, Association d'économie financière, p.187-196, June 2009
Valérie Mignon

Taux d'intérêt et marchés boursiers : une analyse empirique de l'intégration financière
Economie et Prévision, N°187, La Documentation française, p.105-121, 2009
Valérie Mignon, Vladimir Borgy

Measuring the Effects of Oil Prices on China’s Economy: A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive (FAVAR) Approach
Pacific Economic Review, N°14, p.410-425, 2009
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Taux de change d’équilibre : une question d’horizon
Revue Economique, vol. 60(3), p.657-666, 2009
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Modelling the Slow Mean-Reversion of the Central and Eastern European Countries Real Exchange Rates
The Manchester School, vol. 76(1), p.21-43, January 2008
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Explaining the European exchange rates deviations: long memory or nonlinear adjustment
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, vol. 18(3), p.207-215, 2008
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Déterminants du prix du pétrole et impacts sur l’économie
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Oil Prices and Economic Activity : An Asymmetric Cointegration Approach
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Is Asia responsible for exchange-rate misalignments within the G20 ?
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Oil and the Dollar
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Monetary and financial integration in Asia
Economie Internationale, N°111, La Documentation Française, p.5-8, September 2007
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Monetary and Financial Integration in Asia
Economie internationale, N°111, La Documentation Française, p.5-8, September 2007
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China and the Relationship between the Oil Price and the Dollar
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On the Identification of de facto Currency Pegs
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Le Yuan et le G20
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Robert F. Engle et Clive W.J. Granger : Prix Nobel d’économie 2003
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