title={Comment réformer le SMI},
author={Agnès Bénassy-Quéré and Jean Pisani-Ferry and Yu Yongding },
journal={La lettre du CEPII},
abstract={Reform of the international monetary system is under discussion after three decades of apathy. However, in the short term, there is little chance of a grand redesign of the international monetary system. Nevertheless, concrete steps should be taken. First, consensus is needed on exchange rates, capital flows and reserves. This consensus is closer than often assumed, and should be codified in some form of soft law, with provisions for surveillance agreed on. Second, financial safety nets must be improved so that countries do not have to self-insure by accumulating reserves. The least difficult route could be a new regime for deciding on Special Drawing Right allocations that would facilitate more frequent use of this instrument. Third, a change in the composition of the SDR should be planned for, to strengthen the multilateral framework by including the renminbi. These reforms would be a partial move, and would prepare the ground for further developments.},
keywords={International Monetary System ; G20 ; SDR },