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Figure 4 Breakdown of the country's exports and imports by industry (goods and services, latest available year [t], [t-10], [t-20], [t-30], [t-40])

Sources: CEPII, CHELEM – International Trade - Balance of Payments databases.


Trade data before 1996 are not available or of sufficient quality for successor states of the former Soviet Union, the former Czechoslovakia, the former Yugoslavia and for a few number of other countries.

Only the industries that made up more than 5% in the country's exports (or imports) in the latest year or that allows for more than 10% in the preceding selected years are individualized. The remained industries are grouped in "Rest of goods and services".

Industries are defined according to the sectoral classification of the CHELEM database.

Processing is not included in services in Country Profiles.

 CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications

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