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Table 2 Tariffs by sector: applied and MFN rates (in %, latest available year [t])

Source: CEPII-ITC, MAcMap-HS6 2013 database.


Applied preferential tariff: the lowest rate applicable to a single partner, taking into account the preferential agreements.

MFN tariff: applied tariff under the Most Favoured Nation clause. For a member country of the World Trade Organization (WTO), this is the standard non-discriminatory tariff on imported products from its WTO partners (excluding preferential tariffs under free trade agreements and other arrangements or tariffs applied within the limits of a quota).

The average tariff rate, for both MFN and Applied Preferential, corresponds to weighted averages computed with the MAcMap-HS6 methodology, called the “reference groups” (see Guimbard et alii, 2012, p. 102).

Columns 1 & 2: average tariffs (MFN and preferential) applied by the country to all its partners.

Columns 3 & 4: average tariffs (MFN and preferential) applied by the country to its partners of its own geographic area.

Columns 5 & 6: world average tariff (MFN and preferential).

The sectors come from the CEPII’s CHELEM classification of products.

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