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Market Access Map HS6 (MAcMap-HS6) is a database jointly developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC, Geneva) and the CEPII. It constitutes the source of tariff protection for GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project coordinated by Purdue University). As such, it has been widely used in Applied General Equilibrium simulations to assess the impacts of trade liberalization (multilateral proposals during the WTO Doha Round; bilateral free trade agreements; regional integration; modification of preferential regimes ...).

MAcMap-HS6 provides, for the years 2001, 2004 and 2007, a comprehensive measure of bilateral tariffs (through ad valorem equivalents of the tariff protection) taking account of trade preferences applied by each importer and all regional agreements in which it is involved (see Bouët et al, 2008). It also contains the tariffs applied under the Most-Favored-Nation clause (MFN) by the members of the World Trade Organization.

For 2007, which is the year used in the CEPII Country Profiles, MAcMap-HS6 includes ad valorem equivalents of tariffs applied by 190 importing countries to 220 exporting countries, on 5,113 products at the 6 digit level of the Harmonized System (see Guimbard et al, 2012).

MAcMap-HS6 on CEPII’s website: http://www.cepii.fr/CEPII/fr/bdd_modele/presentation.asp?id=12

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