CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Sectoral classifications: product categories


CHELEM code Product category Description
BA Cement Cement and derived products
BB Ceramics Ceramics (including manufactured mineral articles no elsewhere specified)
BC Glass Glass (flatware and hollow-ware)
CA Iron and steel Iron and steel-making (including pig iron and sheet steel)
CB Tubes Tubes and first-stage processing products
CC Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals
DA Yarns and fabrics Yarns and fabrics
DB Clothing Clothing (with fabrics as the main input)
DC Knitwear Knitwear (made directly from yarns)
DD Carpets Carpets and textile furnishings
DE Leather Leather, furskins and footwear
EA Wood articles Articles in wood
EB Furniture Furniture (made of wood or other materials)
EC Paper Paper and pulp
ED Printing Printing and publications
EE Miscellaneous manuf. Toys, sports equipment and miscellaneous manufactured articles
FA Metallic structures Large metallic structures
FB Miscellaneous hardware Miscellaneous hardware
FC Engines Engines, turbines and pumps
FD Agricultural equipment Agricultural equipment
FE Machine tools Machine tools
FF Construction equipment Construction and public works equipment
FG Specialized machines Specialized machines
FH Arms Arms and weaponry
FI Precision instruments Precision instruments
FJ Clock making Watch and clock making
FK Optics Optics and photographic and cinematographic equipment
FL Electronic components Electronic components
FM Consumer electronics Consumer electronics
FN Telecom. equipment Telecommunications equipment
FO Computer equipment Computer equipment (including office equipment)
FP Domestic electrical app. Domestic electrical appliances
FQ Electrical equipment Heavy electrical equipment
FR Electrical apparatus Electrical apparatus (including passive devices)
FS Vehicle components Vehicle components
FT Cars and cycles Cars (including motorcycles)
FU Commercial vehicles Commercial vehicles and transport equipment (including public transport vehicles and railway equipment)
FV Ships Ships (including oil rigs)
FW Aeronautics Products of the aircraft and spatial manufacturing
GA Basic inorganic chemicals Basic inorganic chemicals
GB Fertilizers Fertilizers
GC Basic organic chemicals Basic organic chemicals
GD Paints Paints, colorings and intermediate chemical products no elsewhere specified
GE Toiletries Toilet products, soaps and perfumes (including chemical preparations no elsewhere specified)
GF Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals products (including veterinary products)
GG Plastics Plastics, fibers and synthetic resins
GH Plastic articles Plastic articles
GI Rubber articles (incl. tyres) Rubber articles (including tyres)
HA Iron ores Iron ores and scrap
HB Non-ferrous ores Non-ferrous ores and scrap
HC Unprocessed minerals nes Unprocessed minerals no elsewhere specified
IA Coals Coal (including lignite and other primary energy products)
IB Crude oil Crude oil
IC Natural gas Natural gas (including all petroleum gases)
IG Coke Coke
IH Refined petrol. products Refined petroleum products

TRADE IN GOODS (continuing)

CHELEM code Product category Description
II Electricity Electricity
JA Cereals Cereals
JB Other edible agricultural products Other edible agricultural products
JC Non-edible agricultural products Non-edible agricultural products
KA Cereal products Cereal products
KB Fats Fats (of vegetable or animal origin)
KC Meat and fish Meat and fish
KD Preserved meat/fish Preserved meat and fish products
KE Preserved fruit Preserved fruit and vegetable products
KF Sugar Sugar products (including chocolate)
KG Animal food Animal foodstuffs
KH Beverages Beverages
KI Manufactured tobaccos Manufactured tobaccos
NA Jewellery, works of art Precious stones, jewellery, works of art
NB Non-monetary gold Non-monetary gold
NV N. e. s. Not elsewhere specified
TT Total Total


121 1BC000 Transportation
122 1BD000 Travel
123a** 1BA000 Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others
123b 1BB000 Maintenance and repair services n.i.e.
123c 1BE000 Construction
123d 1BF000 Insurance and pension services
123e 1BG000 Financial services
123f 1BH000 Charges for the use of intellectual property no elsewhere specified
123g 1BJ000 Telecommunications, computer, and information services
123h 1BK000 Other business services
123i 1BL000 Personal, cultural, and recreational services
123j 1BM000 Government goods and services no elsewhere specified
123nv 123-sum(123a:123j) Other services non elsewhere classified
* Manuel 6 of the Balance of Payments (IMF)
** Processing not included in Country Profiles

 CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications

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N°2015-01, juin 2015

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