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Charlotte Emlinger is economist at CEPII (charlotte.emlinger@cepii.fr), she’s in charge of the trade databases BACI and TUV.
Houssein Guimbard is economist at CEPII (houssein.guimbard@cepii.fr), he’s in charge of the databases FDI et MAcMap.
Alix de Saint Vaulry is economist at CEPII (alix.saint-vaulry@cepii.fr), she’s in charge of the CHELEM - International trade database.

Emlinger, C., Houssein, G. & de Saint Vaulry, A (2015), “CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications”, Panorama du CEPII, n° 2015-M-01, June.
Copyright CEPII, 2015. Readers are encouraged to quote and reproduce the material from this Panorama for educational and nonprofit purposes provided they mention the source and copyright.

 CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications

 Panorama du CEPII
N°2015-01, juin 2015

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