CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Jeudi 24 mars 2022
2.30-4.00 pm (Paris time) - online event
CEPII research webinar "The Margins of Trade"

Jonathan Eaton
Distinguished Professor at Pennsylvania State University 
Professor Jonathan Eaton will be presenting his work "The Margins of Trade" co-authored with Ana Cecilia Fieler.

The authors introduce quality differentiation and an extensive margin of products into a standard quantitative, general equilibrium model of international trade. Both the quality and the quantity of a product play a role in its contribution both to consumption and to production. The framework allows bilateral trade to vary at the extensive and intensive margins and the intensive margin of trade to vary at the quantity and unit-value margins. They estimate the parameters of the model using bilateral data on trade flows and on unit values in trade. The model captures (i) the well-documented increasing relation between unit values and both importer and exporter per capita income and (ii) how the extensive margin rises with importer and exporter size. But, unlike other contributions to the literature confronting these margins in international trade, their framework delivers a standard gravity formulation for trade flows and standard measures of the gains from trade apply.
Contact: conferencesatcepii.fr