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mise à jour : 12 juillet 2021
Properly capturing tariff rate quotas for trade policy analysis in computable general equilibrium models
Economic Modelling, vol. 104, novembre 2021
Yaghoob Jafari, Wolfgang Britz, Houssein Guimbard, Jayson Beckman

Shipping the good agricultural products out: the differentiated impact of per-unit duties on developing countries
European Review of Agricultural Economics, vol. 3(48), p.598-623, septembre 2021
Charlotte EmlingerHoussein Guimbard

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the 21st Century: Has it Done the Business?
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Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

Competing liberalizations: tariffs and trade in the twenty-first century
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Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

Nutrition Transition and the Structure of Global Food Demand
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 2(101), p.383-403, 2019
Christophe GouelHoussein Guimbard

Analysis of the Role of Tariff Concessions in East Asia
Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, vol. 13(2), p.141-167, 2019
Houssein Guimbard,  Kenichi Kawasaki, Badri G. Narayanan, Arata Kuno

Mega-Deals: What Consequences for SSA?
Journal of African Economies, vol. 26(2), p.1-33, 2017
Houssein Guimbard, Maëlan Le Goff

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Jean Fouré, Houssein Guimbard, Stéphanie Monjon

MAcMap-HS6 2007, an Exhaustive and Consistent Measure of Applied Protection in 2007
International Economics, Vol. 130, Q2 2012
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Vietnam's Accession to the WTO: Expost Evaluation in a Dynamic Perspective
Economie Internationale, N°118, p.13-42, 2Q 2009
Houssein Guimbard, Hugo Valin