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mise à jour : 16 juin 2021
With a Little Help from My Friends: Multinational Retailers and China's Consumer Market Penetration
Journal of International Economics, vol. 112, p.1-12, février 2018
Charlotte EmlingerSandra Poncet

Sector relatedness and industrial policy's efficiency: Evidence from China's Export Processing Zones
Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming, 2017
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Trade policy and industrial policy in China: What motivates public authorities to apply restrictions on exports?
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Wholesalers in International Trade
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Cluster Policies and Firm Selection: Evidence from France
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Economie et Statistique, N°435-436, p.85-103, mars 2011
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How are wages set in Beijing
Regional Science and Urban Economics, N°41, p.9-19, 2011
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Financial Constraints in China: the conditioning effect of FDI and State-Owned corporate sector
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Local Export spillovers in France
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Market access impact on individual wages: evidence from China
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Income per capita inequality in China: The Role of Economic Geography and Spatial Interactions
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Direct and indirect impact of economic geography on wages
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FDI and credit constraints: firm level evidence in China
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Sandra PoncetJérôme Héricourt

China as an integrated area? Magnitude and determinants of Business Cycles with China
Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 4(23), p.896-926, décembre 2008
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Foreign Direct Investment in China: Reward of Remedy?
World Economy, vol. 30(11), p.1662-1681, 2007
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Déterminants de la localisation des activités en Chine : avantages comparatifs, forces géographiques et interventionnisme politique
Economie internationale, N°101, La Documentation Française, janvier 2005
Cécile Batisse, Sandra Poncet