author={Agnès Chevallier and Maëlan Le Goff},
title={Dynamiques de croissance et de population en Afrique sub-saharienne},
abstract={2000’s were marked by the return to growth in most of sub-Saharan African countries. However, their GDP per capita levels remain significantly lower than in other developing countries and the effect of growth on poverty is very small. At the same time, sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing population in the world, due notably to the slow fertility decline and improvements of sanitary conditions. The population is very young and, with the exception of countries in southern Africa, the region should benefit from a demographic dividend until 2050. This opportunity could turn into an economic asset, provided that this workforce is well educated and skilled enough. Yet, despite remarkable progress, educational levels remain low, while high residence and gender inequalities of access persist.},
keywords={Sub-Saharan Africa ; Development ; Growth ; Demographics ; Education}