Françoise Lemoine & Deniz Ünal , 2017.
"Le décollage du marché des biens de consommation en Chine et son impact sur le commerce mondial,"
Data 2017- 01 , March 2017 , CEPII.
In the present stage of China’s economic development, household consumption should become the main driver of growth, ahead of investment and exports. This rebalancing is crucial for the rate and sustainability of the country's economic growth in the coming years and has had already an impact on its trade relations with the rest of the world.  This Panorama first analyzes the domestic supply of consumer goods and shows that this sector is one of the most dynamic of China’s industry since 2007. It then reveals that China’s imports of consumer goods have increased at an accelerated pace since ten years, driven by a strong demand for high-end products. China is now the world's third largest importer of consumer goods, the second largest for high-end products, with Europe as the main supplier.