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April 2015        

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Climate change and an investment strategy for sustainable growth

To start the investment drive, several tools must be combined, assuming the political will to achieve the targets: a sufficiently high value for rewarding carbon abatement, certification mechanisms to measure volumes of abatement, risk-sharing devices and multiple modes of financing adapted to the different types of investment.>>>
Michel Aglietta & Étienne Espagne

TTIP: time has come for discussions to take a more concrete form

Regulatory coherence is claimed to be the core of the potential economic stakes in the TTIP. As the 9th Round of Negotiations is being convened in New York City, time has come for discussions to take a more concrete form. A revised proposal by the EC (not yet publicly available, but already leaked) will be discussed, which proposes principles to put regulatory cooperation into practice. It promotes early information on regulatory acts, as well as stakeholder consultations and impact assessments. The objective “to seek increased compatibility between their respective regulatory frameworks, where appropriate” is stated, without prejudice of the method followed in each case, be it mutual recognition of equivalence, harmonization, harmonization of essential requirements, or simply shared legal or administrative guidelines. >>>
Sébastien Jean



Trade Unit Values : update until 2013

The TUV database is a worldwide unit value database developed by the CEPII. It contains Unit Value information (in US dollars per ton) over the period 2000-2013, with 182 reporters, 253 partners, and more than 5,000 product categories per year. Import and export unit values are provided at the 6-digits level of the Harmonized System.

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