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July - August 2015        

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China: what effect of trade liberalization on pollution?

Environmentalists and free trade advocates regularly clash on the environmental consequences of trade liberalization. China's insertion in international trade has been accompanied by an exacerbation of pollution problems. >>>
Sandra Poncet, José de Sousa , Laura Hering


A New Dollar Cycle?

The world is once again under threat of currency turmoil ignited by a vigorous appreciation of the dollar against all other cur rencies. This is the harbinger of another long cycle which has been the pattern of exchange rates since the fall of the Bretton Woods system in 1971. Because dollar cycles are driven by momentum dynamics disconnected from fundamentals, they are likely to distort real effective exchange rates between major currencies. The dollar appreciation phase may also wreak havoc in the financial systems of emerging countries that are heavily indebted in dollars.>>>
Michel Aglietta, Virginie Coudert

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