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March 2016        

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China's Export Processing Zones (EPZs)

China is probably one of the best-known examples of the use of spatially-targeted programs. The country is a major player in the worldwide proliferation of EPZs. A recent study shows positive export repercussions from the EPZ policy which are greater for sectors with denser the links with the local productive structure.
Zhao Chen, Sandra Poncet, Ruixiang Xiong

  Facts & Figures

This is the relative gains for the multinational retailers' headquarters countries of a 20% higher multinational retailer presence in China.
This is what a recent study by Charlotte Emlinger and Sandra Poncet shows, using sector-country level import data for 287 cities over the 1997- 2012 period. Multinational hypermarkets established only recently in China but developed very quickly. Penetrating the highly profitable and rapidly growing Chinese retail market is even more now the key objective for most western producers and retailers.



Towards an international financial public order

The shift from the concept of an “international monetary system” to that of “global financial safety nets” is positive but, still, limited mostly to emergency liquidity assistance. The broader notion of an “international financial public order” including crisis prevention would be more suitable.
Christophe Destais


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