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May 2016        

The French edition is slightly different as it also includes material available in French only  

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How improving the efficiency of border procedures affects firms

In a recent study, Lionel FontagnéGianluca Orefice and Roberta Piermartini show that Information Availability, Advance Rulings and Appeal Procedures have a positive effect on the extensive and intensive margins of French exporters, especially small and medium sized exporters. Differently, simplification of documents and border cooperation appear to boost trade for large firms only.These big players thus capture the savings from shorter time at the border, while small firms do not. Lengthy and complex procedures at the border create opportunities for official discretion and collusion between customs officials and traders. A better understanding of how improving the efficiency of border procedures affects firms of different size constitutes an important contribution to the policy debate. >>>


The climate systemic risk : a new notion

Michel Aglietta and Etienne Espagne argue that in concrete economies, a collective insurance approach to climate change has to target the financial sector, as well as its articulation with monetary policy. As in the financial world, climate change thus constitutes a systemic risk against which specific ex ante and ex post monetary policies and financial regulations should be deployed.


Comptes Harmonisés sur les Echanges et L’Economie Mondiale (CHELEM)

Data to 2019, population and GDP to 2026
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