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May 2017        

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Profils Pays / Country Profiles - Update May 2017

Unique tool to analyze international trade, CEPII Country Profiles put together and structure accurate and consistent information about income level, comparative advantages, products’ quality ranges and trade protection for 80 countries, based on the databases the CEPII has been developing for many years. Interactive data, so they can fit different purposes, COUNTRY PROFILES have been designed so as to serve as an input for information, expertise and pedagogy, be it through its friendly-user illustrations or through downloadable data. Available online for free, the information has been updated to 2015.

The two graphs above, extracted from CEPII Country Profiles, allow for example a comparison of profiles of specialization in the international trade of the two leading countries of the world economy.

Access to CEPII Country Profiles onVisual Data >>>


Globalization and wage inequality

Globalization is frequently blamed for fuelling wage inequality in both developing and developed countries, and its winner and losers are a constant focus of public debate. For these reasons, the labor market effects of globalization are burning issues for policy makers, and debated at length in academia over recent decades. In the 1990s, most economic literature found globalization ( i.e. , international trade) had a mild effect on wages and workers’ income, suggesting a moderate concern for globalization’s losers. Policy questions remained, however, and in the recent years academic researchers have renewed their interest in this topic.


CEPII has just updated its World Trade Flows Characterization and Trade Unit Values (TUV) databases, adding data for  2015.

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