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July - August 2017        

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Crossed analysis of France-Germany statistical comparisons

France-Germany comparison studies consider often that the data for these very similar economies are comparable. The apparent proximity of the two neighbors reveals however many divergences in the statistical field. The relevant interpretation of the results requires a better knowledge of these differences. At a symposium held last year, the National Council for Statistical Information (Cnis) initiated a collective reflection on the international comparability of statistics by considering concrete cases of some flagship indicators for economic governance (corporate profits, public and private debt, public deficit, working hours) and OECD action to improve comparability. This Panorama aims to disseminate these rich views to a wide audience.
Stéphane Tagnani & Deniz Ünal

  Facts & Figures


This is the drop for Colombia's terms of trade in 2015, back to the 2004 level.
Colombia's growth is expected to drop from 6.6% in 2011 to 2.5% in 2017. Sustaining the previously obtained gains in terms of the reduction in poverty rates and the rise of a wider middle class will depend on how this short term challenge is managed. The region has however long faced the fluctuation of raw materials and commodity prices. The improved terms of trade of the beginning of the century hid in fact, for a while, another common and long term challenge: the low productivity of Latin American economies.
Camilo Umana Dajud


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