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December 2017        

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Trade versus protectionism

Much of the impact of possible increases in EU trade barriers can be seen as forfeiting gains from trade. Possible gains for workers in protected industries will be offset by increases in the cost of imported inputs. Discussing two recent episodes of US protectionist policies, Sébastien Jean & Ariell Reshef argue that the best way for the E.U. to defend its interests requires monitoring closely the U.S. practices, defending the rules-based system, and displaying resolve in the willingness to impose reciprocity. >>> >>>

International Trade, Quality Sorting and Trade Costs: The Case of Cognac

Charlotte Emlinger & Viola Lamani validate empirically the Alchian and Allen effect based on a direct and physical rather than perceived definition of product quality, during a long time-span covering almost forty-seven years of Cognac export flows. They also assess empirically the impact of customs protection on trade flows by quality by distinguishing between per-unit and ad-valorem tariffs. Results confirm the Alchian and Allen effect when analyzing the time variation of trade costs through containerization.

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