The CEPII's Business Club
  The CEPII Business Club is a forum where business leaders, economists and financial experts may discuss their experiences and analyses.
Created by the CEPII, the Business Club brings together companies from different sectors (industry, banking, financial institutions, services etc.) as well as members of trade associations, trade union representatives and managers of public administrations and government. The Club is a not-for-profit association, chaired by Louis Gallois, Chief Executive Officer of EADS. It is administered by a Board of 12 members.
Its role  

The CEPII Business Club provides its members with full, reliable and forward-looking information about the world's economic outlook. By setting out medium term scenarios for future trends affecting the world economy, the Club gives business managers insight into the workings of the international economy, which is vital to all strategic planning.

The CEPII Business Club organises meetings with top French and foreign experts. These may be monthly meetings, breakfasts and seminars on current issues affecting the international economy.

By participating at these meetings, corporate members can follow the major developments of the international economy, in a regular and interactive manner.

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strategic thinking

Its activities  

The CEPII Business Club organises approximately thirty meetings per year.

1. meetings, lasting an hour and a half, examining current international economic affairs. These usually involve two presentations by French of foreign speakers, and comments by a discussant. Two series of meetings are presently being proposed on the question of "The consequences of demographic ageing" and on "Industrial relocation",
2. breakfasts, lasting an hour, are addressed by recognised international experts,
3. lunches bring together a small number of participants (at most 20), with a presentation given by a leading French or foreign personality in business or economics,
4. seminars,
5. quarterly bulletins on the international economic outlook,
6. "Three views of the international economy": a series of quarterly conferences aimed at analysing the outlook of a country or region of the world. Three personalities usually make a presentation: the Chairman of the CEPII, the Chairman of the CEPII Business Club and the Chairperson of a corporate member of the Club or company present in the country/region in question.

The CEPII Business Club also provides an number of customised services to its corporate members on request. These include:
-the organisation of conferences and seminars at corporate locations, which are led by experts from the CEPII;
-studies that members may commission from the CEPII;
-consulting services that members may require from time to time, in areas in which the CEPII can provide expert advice.

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