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Q2   2015
Economics of global interactions: Introduction to the special issue Nicola D. Coniglio
Hubert Jayet
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Welfare implications of free trade agreements under Bertrand and Cournot competition with product differentiation Yasushi Kawabata
Yasuhiro Takarada
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International integration with heterogeneous immigration policies Nicola D. Coniglio
Kenji Kondoh
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Competitiveness-shifting effects and the prisoner?s dilemma in international R&D subsidy wars Armando J. Garcia Pires
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Service costs and economic welfare Hiroshi Kurata
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Do firm–bank relationships affect firms’ internationalization? Riccardo De Bonis
Giovanni Ferri
Zeno Rotondi
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Is labor flexibility a substitute to offshoring? Evidence from Italian manufacturing Andrea F. Presbitero
Matteo G. Richiardi
Alessia A. Amighini
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Multinationals in Sub-Saharan Africa: Domestic linkages and institutional distance L. Pérez-Villar
A. Seric
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Remittances and incentive to migrate: An epidemic approach of migration Claire Naiditch
Agnes Tomini
Christian Ben Lakhdar
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Wage expectations of illegal immigrants: The role of networks and previous migration experience Rezart Hoxhaj
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Illegal trade in natural resources: Evidence from missing exports Pierre-Louis Vézina
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