The CIREM is a not-for-profit association. It supports the CEPII's development and its insertion in the European and international research networks.

Taking an active part in the CEPII's work, the CIREM has several members, among which companies, trade associations, trade unions and public administrations. The CIREM is chaired by Philippe d'Arvisenet, former chief-economist at BNP-Paribas bank. Its board brings together mainly representatives from the private sector.

Its members
The CIREM grants its corporate members, French and international companies or institutions request for the CEPII's studies. The CIREM helps the CEPII to take a larger part in European and international research networks.

The CIREM manages its activities under the control of its members.

Its role
Its role The CIREM organizes workshops, gathering French and foreign academics, in the framework of research Agreements studies, in particular with the European Commission.

It organises conferences, with the participation of academics, senior executives from French and international institutions, economists from companies and political representatives. These conferences point up the evolution of academic research on one specific theme interesting economists from private and public sectors.

Its activities
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