CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Mercredi 21 octobre 2020
"How Covid-19 is altering economic beliefs and perceptions - and why it matters" - online discussion

The impact of Covid-19 goes way beyond health and economics. By shedding crude light on the vulnerabilities of our societies, on the dependence of our economies and on the frailty of ecological equilibria, it is altering behaviors and perceptions. Understanding the nature of these changes is key if on-going changes are to be properly understood:
  • To what extent are temporary forced savings going to turn into permanent precautionary savings?
  • Will private sector decision makers significantly shift their risk evaluations?
  • Will citizen and government push to revamp significantly international relationship, and to reshape globalization?
 ​Conducted in parallel in a number of countries, the Pew Research Center surveys provide unique insights to address these questions, focusing on perceptions of the state of the economy, of international relations and of globalization. Based on a variety of surveys conducted during the last months, Dr. Richard Wike will share the lessons for the future of the world economy.

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