CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
The impact of immigration on the employment dynamics of European regions
Labour Economics, vol. 85, 2023
Anthony Edo, Cem Ozguzel

The Primary Cause of European Inflation in 1500-1700: Precious Metals or Population? The English Evidence
Open Economies Review, p.1-27, 2023
Anthony Edo, Jacques Melitz

Determinants of partial versus full cross-border acquisitions for sovereign wealth funds
Review of World Economics, Springer, 2023
Jeanne Amar, Mohamed Arouri, Gilles Dufrénot, Christelle Lecourt

Does relationship lender matter in an emerging markets?
Applied Economics, vol. 55, Taylor and Francis, 2023
Naël Shehadeh, Faicel Belaid, Gilles Dufrénot, Christelle Lecourt

Current account balances’ divergence in the euro area: an appraisal of the underlying forces
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Forthcoming, 2023
Emmanuelle Faure, Carl GrekouValérie Mignon

Profit shifting, returns on foreign direct investments and investment income imbalances
IMF Economic Review, N°71, p.369-414, 2023
Vincent Vicard

Sectoral Reallocations, Real-Estate Shocks, and Productivity Divergence in Europe
Review of World Economics, vol. 1(159), p.101-132, 2023
Thomas GrjebineJérôme HéricourtFabien Tripier

A new dataset on product-level trade elasticities
Data in Brief, N°45, octobre 2022
Lionel FontagnéHoussein GuimbardGianluca Orefice

L'Organisation mondiale du commerce : sortie de crise ?
La Revue Diplomatique, N°19, Institut Ega, p.30, octobre 2022
Michel Fouquin

International Transport costs: New Findings from modeling additive costs
Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 22(5), p.989–1044, septembre 2022
Guillaume Daudin, Jérôme Héricourt, Lise Patureau

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