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September 2023        

The French edition is slightly different as it also includes material available in French only  

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Skilled Immigrants: Skills That Promote Innovation

While the contribution of skilled immigrant workers to innovation has been well documented in many countries, there is still lack of evidence for France. We show that, when innovation is measured by the number of patents filed by firms, an increase of one percentage point in the share of skilled immigrant workforce in a French department allows firms in that department to file 5.2% more patents. This phenomenon is explained by a reallocation of native workers across different tasks rather than a replacement of national workers by immigrants. This result provides an additional argument for France to make progress on a skilled immigration policy. Anna Maria Mayda, Gianluca Orefice, Gianluca Santoni

  Special issue of "International economics":
call for papers

The outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine has affected many dimensions of economic, social, and political life in Ukraine, Russia, and many EU countries. In this historical context, the special issue will aim at investigating the challenges and perspectives related to a number of issues including the prospects of these migration flows, their economic impacts for Ukraine and Russia as well as for the receiving countries, and the effectiveness of reception and integration policies.
Submission deadline: October 15, 2023



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