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September 2015        

The French edition is slightly different as it also includes material available in French only  

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China: reversal in the geographic imbalances

Since the early phase of the country modernization, the center of gravity of China’s economy has been alternately located in the coastal area and in inland area.  Such a shift is now taking place in China’s economic geography: the interior regions are catching up the coastal area (which was the engine of economic takeoff the last thirty years), thanks to an outstanding convergence speed in industry.  This rebalancing goes hand in hand with China’s new growth regime which relies increasingly on its expanding domestic market.
Françoise LemoineSandra PoncetDeniz Ünal


French manufacturing firms : a significant increase in the average labour gap

Based on firm-level productivity estimates, the study identifies in the gap between the value of the marginal product and marginal input price the output loss due to inefficiencies in inputs allocation. The degree of resource misallocation is calculated among firms within sectors for each of the 96 French "Départements". Over the period 1993- 2007 the average gap at firm level is around 10 thousands euro, showing a relevant increase starting from the early 2000s.
Lionel Fontagné & Gianluca Santoni


  Facts & Figures

This is the average increase

in bilateral agricultural and food exports due to regional trade agreements (RTAs). The trade effects of tariff preferences are assessed using difference-in-differences panel estimations, whereby exports to third destinations and imports from third origins are used as benchmarks. The method is applied at a detailed product level for 74 agreements, over the period 1998-2009, for the agricultural and food sector.
Sébastien Jean & Jean-Christophe Bureau


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