CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-14, July 2017
Cécile Couharde, Anne-Laure DelatteCarl GrekouValérie Mignon & Florian Morvillier

The Impact of Immigration on Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Algerian Independence War
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-13, July 2017
Anthony Edo

Minimum Wages and the Labor Market Effects of Immigration
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-12, July 2017
Anthony EdoHillel Rapoport

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the 21st Century: Has it Done the Business?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-11, June 2017
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

Spatial Differencing: Estimation and Inference
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-10, June 2017
Federico Belotti, Edoardo Di Porto, Gianluca Santoni

Banks' leverage Procyclicality: Does Currency Diversification Matter?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-09, June 2017
Justine Pedrono, Aurélien Violon

On the seemingly incompleteness of exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Do globalization and/or regional trade matter?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-08, June 2017
Antonia Lopez-Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

On the Current Account - Biofuels Link in Emerging and Developing Countries: Do Oil Price Fluctuations Matter?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-07, May 2017
Gabriel Gomes, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon, Anthony Paris

Banking Leverage Procyclicality: a Theoretical Model Introducing Currency Diversification
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-06, April 2017
Justine Pedrono

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-05, March 2017
Christophe GouelHoussein Guimbard