CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
  What is the CEPII?
CEPII is a French research center in international economics which produces studies, research, databases and analyses on the world economy and its evolution. It was founded in 1978 and is part of the network coordinated by the Economic Policy Planning for the Prime Minister.

  Who is the CEPII’s work aimed at ?
Private and public decision-makers,
international institutions,
economists, civil society, the media.

  And for firms?
Le Club du CEPII (The CEPII Business Club) organizes regularly conferences aimed especially at firms, based on CEPII’s expertise and research networks.
  How is independent judgment guaranteed ?
Pertinence and scientific quality are the only publication criteria applied under the supervision of the Scientific Committee. The committee is currently chaired by Francesco Giavazzi, Professor at Bocconi University in Milan and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  Who sets the CEPII’s work program ?
CEPII’s board, composed of leading executives from government bodies and independent experts meets twice yearly. The board also reviews CEPII's annual report.

  How does the CEPII conduct its work ?
Using databases, models, expertise and international cooperation. CEPII is organized around four research programs, each led by a scientific supervisor.

  Fields of expertise


Analysis and Economic Policy

CEPII' s News
  • Comptes Harmonisés sur les Echanges et L’Economie Mondiale (CHELEM)

  • Geography
  • GeoDist
  • Gravity
  • Language
  • Market Potentials

  • Macroeconomics
  • EconMap
  • Institutional Profiles
  • Séries longues macroéconomiques

  • Production & Specialization Indicators
  • Export Sophistication
  • ProdComp
  • TradeProd

  • Profiles
  • Profils Pays / Country Profiles

  • Trade & International Investments
  • BACI
  • FDIMap
  • Network Trade
  • RCA
  • Trade Unit Values (TUV)
  • TradePrices
  • World Trade Flows Characterization

  • Trade Protection
  • AVEs-Services
  • MAcMap-HS6