CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Evaluation Report of CEPII
CEPII's Board decided to launch an evaluation of CEPII, and asked Mr. François Bourguignon, director of studies at EHESS and emeritus professor at the Paris School of Economics, to conduct it. The report is now available online, in French, but a summary of the main observations and conclusions is available in English.
Trade & Globalization
Competitiveness & Growth
Emerging Countries
Environment & Natural Resources
Money & Finance
Economic Policy

The Circular Relationship between Inequality, Leverage, and Financial Crises
Journal of Economic Surveys
Rémi Bazillier, Jérôme Héricourt

Immigration and the Gender Wage Gap
European Economic Review
Anthony EdoFarid Toubal

Simulating world trade in the decades ahead: driving forces and policy implications
World Economy
Lionel FontagnéJean Fouré, Alexander Keck

Profils Pays / Country Profiles
Interactive Data on Trade and Protection

Update : adding of years 2007-2015

Update: February 10, 2017
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Update: January 31, 2017

Faut-il sortir de l'euro ?
La Croix
Anne-Laure Delatte