CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
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Trade Linkages and Exchange Rates in Asia: The Role of China
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Methodological Tools for SIA
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Tax Competition and Foreign Direct Investment
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Trade and Technology Transfers: a Comparative Study of Turkey, India and China
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The Empirics of Agglomeration and Trade
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Notional Defined Contribution : a Comparison of the French and the German Point Systems
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How Different is Eastern Europe? Structure and Determinants of Location Choices by French Firms in Eastern and Western Europe
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Market Access Liberalisation in the Doha Round: Scenarios and Assessment
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On the Adequacy of Monetary Arrangements in Sub-Saharian Africa
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The Impact of EU Enlargement on Member States: a CGE Approach
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India in the World Economy: Traditional Specialisations and Technology Niches
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Imitation Amongst Exchange-Rate Forecasters: Evidence from Survey Data
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Le Currency Board à travers l'expérience de l'Argentine
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Trade and Convergence: Revisiting Ben-David
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Estimating the Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate of Central and Eastern European Countries; The EMU Enlargement Perspective
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Skills, Technology and Growth is ICT the Key to Success ? An Analysis of ICT Impact on French Growth
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L’investissement en TIC aux Etat-Unis et dans quelques pays européens
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Hyperinflation and the Reconstruction of a National Money: Argentina and Brazil, 1990-2002
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Jérôme Sgard