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January 2016        

The French edition is slightly different as it also includes material available in French only  

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Can the magic of Abenomics succeed?

Self sustained growth is the central goal of Abenomics, but to achieve it requires enterprises to use their cash reserve, of roughly 350 trillion yen in 2014, for raising wages and investing. Abenomics has a long way to go for its magic to work...and its successors could bear the fruit of this policy if they continue enacting Abe’s reforms. >>>
Evelyne Dourille-Feer


Best Wishes for 2016

After an eventful year, many questions are open about trends in the world economy, on which CEPII will aim at shedding light in the coming year. CEPII’s team joins me in wishing you a happy new year.
Sébastien Jean

  Facts & Figures

Increasing volatility of European business cycles

A recent CEPII Working Paper   examines the amplitude and the nature of European business cycles from 1970 to today, and draws implications for future monetary policy. The paper documents the strong evidence of changes in the amplitude of business cycles over time, by making a distinction between low- and high-volatility regimes. >>>
Stéphane Lhuissier

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