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July 2013        

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Trade Liberalization in the Bio-Economy: Coping with a New Landscape

While multilateral trade negotiations are as mired as ever, preferential agreements flourish. New economic and political conditions, in particular the gaining influence of emerging countries, make a multilateral agreement more difficult. Developed countries have given up many of their bargaining chips in previous rounds of negotiation and their remaining agricultural tariffs are not sufficient for extracting the concessions from emerging countries on services, public procurement, and intellectual property that would make an agreement possible. The risk of a more fragmented world calls for a revised negotiation agenda and a change in the status of developing countries. Relevant research works can usefully contribute to think about how this revamping. >>>


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This World Economic Overview uses CHELEM data to highlight the main changes in the world economy in the long run and how nations took part in it. Trends over some forty years are featured in the overview : from 1960 to 2012 for GDP, and from 1967 to 2009 for international trade in goods and services. >>>>

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Round-tripping of Russian foreign investment via Cyprus

The design of the recent bailout package for Cyprus preserves the offshore banking status that is used by Russian depositors and round-trip investors. Is it worth it?


Fast rising inequality in China: what can be done about it?

As remarkable as its economic growth, China’s income distribution has been worsening since mid-1980s. Inequality across regions, occupations and between individual all rose dramatically. More importantly, it did so in a short time.

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