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Q3   2014
Competitiveness and growth within the CFA franc zone: Does the switch to the Euro matter? Issiaka Coulibaly
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Gender inequality and emigration: Push factor or selection process? Thierry Baudassé
Rémi Bazillier
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New revealed comparative advantage index: Dataset and empirical distribution Elsa Leromain
Gianluca Orefice
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Stock dividend ex-day effect and market microstructure in a unique environment Khamis Hamed Al-Yahyaee
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Corruption, capital account liberalization, and economic growth: Theory and evidence Takuma Kunieda
Keisuke Okada
Akihisa Shibata
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Business cycle, market power and bank behaviour in emerging countries Zied Saadaoui
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On the inclusion of the Chinese renminbi in the SDR basket Agnès Bénassy-Quéré
Damien Capelle
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Credit constraints, firm ownership and the structure of exports in China Joachim Jarreau
Sandra Poncet
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The impossible trinity and Krugman?s balance of payments crisis model Partha Sen
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