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Q2   2018
Firms, Trade and Productivity: empirical analysis based on recent theoretical advances
Introduction to the special issue: Firms, trade and productivity: Empirical analysis based on recent theoretical advances Massimo Del Gatto
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The revealed cost competitiveness of changing trade patterns: A country-sector exercise Massimo Del Gatto
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Relaxing credit constraints in emerging economies: The impact of public loans on the productivity of Brazilian manufacturers Filipe Lage de Sousa
Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
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Productivity and wage premiums: Evidence from Vietnamese ordinary and processing exporters Mai T.P. Vu
Flora Bellone
Marion Dovis
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The exchange rate, asymmetric shocks and asymmetric distributions Calin-Vlad Demian
Filippo di Mauro
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Governance, value chain positioning and firms' heterogeneous performance: The case of Tuscany Giorgia Giovannetti
Enrico Marvasi
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