CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale

Visiting Researchers

Call for proposals

This programme is intended to foster new projects and collaborations between CEPII’s economists and scholars working in foreign countries. It offers selected scholars a high-quality working environment, as well as a lump-sum allowance, for a one- to three-month stay at CEPII during which they will have the opportunity to be integrated in CEPII’s working life, in a flexible way. For the visiting scholars as for the Centre, this programme is thought of as a way to plant the seeds of future collaborative works.
Researchers are invited to send two-page research proposals to Thomas Grjebine
(thomas.grjebineATcepii.fr) before April 1 and October 1. Only a very limited number of proposals can be accepted. Applicants will be informed as soon as the selection is carried out, in the weeks following each application deadline.
Each proposal should contain:
  • a policy-oriented motivation of the research;
  • a description of the methodology envisaged;
  • a description of the data required;
  • a list of the researchers involved in the proposal, with their affiliations, CVs and lists of publications. Direct collaboration with CEPII’s researchers is welcome but not mandatory;
  • a planned schedule (from 1 to 3 months).
The programme is flexible and potentially concerns different types of researchers. For young researchers (PhD students & post-docs), a reference letter should be attached to the research proposal.
Selected visiting scholars will be asked to publish the outcome of their research in CEPII’s working papers series.
The CEPII offers:
  • research facilities at CEPII for the period concerned;
  • access to CEPII’s databases (with restrictions for individual data[*]), see www.cepii.fr;
  • research collaborations, seminars, etc;