CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Tuesday January 13, 2015
Firm Heterogeneity and its Implication for Aggregate Outcomes

The workshop is a joint initiative between the IFO of Munich, the GEP of Nottingham and the CEPII. The main objective of this meeting is to stimulate cooperation between Researchers. Young Economists and Post-docs Students are encouraged to apply. 
Research in international trade has shifted from industry and country analysis to firm and product-level studies. The literature has stressed the role of firm-level heterogeneity, firm self-selection into exporting, and reallocation of resources within an industry in response to trade liberalisation. A better understanding of these mechanisms is key to economic policy and welfare analysis.
The workshop will investigate on the implication of heterogeneity in firms’ productivity, size and other economic characteristics for aggregate outcomes, such as trade flows and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), income volatility and employment.
Moreover, the workshop will compare the different responses of firms to macro-level shocks such as trade liberalisation, exchange rate adjustments, labor and tax policy. Given the important firm-level heterogeneity, one size fits all trade, labor or exchange rate policies might not be appropriate. The responses of firms might well be very different with respect to their sector of activity, their size, productivity, ownership or nationality.
The selected papers will be made available online, except if authors refuse explicitly this possibility.
The organisers will not able to cover the any participation costs and expenses to the conference.

Questions to be sent to: ftoubal@ens-cachan.fr

This workshop has benefited from the financial contribution of the Labex OSE, supported by Paris School of Economics