CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Tuesday December 2, 2014
European University Institute (Fiesole)
Workshop CEPII-CEPR-EUI – Financing Investment and the European Corporate Sector

There is a widely held perception that the financing conditions of European companies have deteriorated since the financial crisis. There is also mounting evidence that financing investment – ranging from small business capital expenditure to large, long-term, infrastructure projects – has become a major and persistent challenge since the great recession. Many recent reports have documented declining levels of financing for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and waning long-term sources of finance.

The objective of this meeting is to bring together officials, academics, and private sector participants to discuss these developments in order to identify areas for rigorous academic research. The programme of the workshop is structured so as to establish first a diagnosis of what has happened to the financing of European corporations and investment since the financial crisis. It will then evaluate the nature of the changes that have taken place in financing firms and investment, the effects of securitization and new forms of finance, and the general causes behind the changes in financing (supply vs demand shortages, regulation, intermediation failure, governance factors, distortions due to ownership patterns…). The workshop is by invitation only. Each session starts with opening statements followed by a discussion involving the whole group, under the Chatham House rule.

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