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updated : June 16, 2021
Agglomeration Economies and Firm Level Labor Misallocation
Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 19(1), p.251–272, January 2019
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Santoni

How Far Will Trump Protectionism Push Up Inflation?
CEPII Policy Brief, N°23, December 2018
Sébastien JeanGianluca Santoni

International Competitiveness and Migration: Diversity, Networks or Knowledge Diffusion?
Conference on Economics of Global Interactions, 10 September 2018
Hillel RapoportGianluca OreficeGianluca Santoni

Are Your Labor Shares Set in Beijing?
Added Value and Inequalities in a Global Market , 21 September 2018
Ariell ReshefGianluca Santoni

Exporting creative and cultural products: Birthplace diversity matters!
World Economy, vol. 41(7), p.1867-1887, July 2018
Gianluca OreficeGianluca Santoni

Un chiffrage de l’impact des mesures de protection commerciale de Donald Trump
La Lettre du CEPII, N°388, June 2018
Cecilia BelloraSébastien JeanGianluca Santoni

Spatial Differencing: Estimation and Inference
CESifo Economic Studies, vol. 64(2), p.241-254, June 2018
Federico Belotti, Edoardo Di Porto, Gianluca Santoni

Carnet de bal des accords commerciaux régionaux
La Lettre du CEPII, N°387, April 2018
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Santoni

The natural geography of regional trade agreements and why it is changing over time
VOX, April 30,  2018
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Santoni

GVCs and the Endogenous Geography of RTAs
CEPII Working Paper, N°2018-05, April 2018
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Santoni

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