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Charlotte Emlinger

In charge of the trade database BACI, Trade Unit Value and Trade Flow Characterization.

Trade & Globalization
Competitiveness & Growth

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updated : June 12, 2023
Protection of Geographical Indications in Trade Agreements: Is it worth it?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2024-05, March 2024
Charlotte Emlinger, Karine Latouche

Cheaper and Faster: The Role of Air Services Agreements on Transportation
CEPII Working Paper, N°2023-17, July 2023
Charlotte Emlinger, Amélie Guillin

On the competitiveness effects of quality labels: Evidence from the French cheese industry
CEPII Working Paper, N°2018-17, October 2018
Sabine Duvaleix-Treguer, Charlotte Emlinger, Carl Gaigné,  Karine Latouche

International Trade, Quality Sorting and Trade Costs: The Case of Cognac
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-18, October 2017
Charlotte Emlinger, Viola Lamani

With a Little Help from My Friends: Multinational Retailers and China's consumer Market Penetration
CEPII Working Paper, N°2016-01, January 2016
Charlotte EmlingerSandra Poncet

Do exporting firms benefit from retail internationalization? Evidence from France
CEPII Working Paper, N°2015-21, November 2015
Angela Cheptea, Charlotte Emlinger, Karine Latouche

Atlantic versus Pacific Agreement in Agri-food Sectors: Does the Winner Take it All?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2015-10, July 2015
Anne Célia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré

World Trade Flows Characterization: Unit Values, Trade Types and Price Ranges
CEPII Working Paper, N°2014-26, December 2014
Charlotte Emlinger, Sophie Piton

The Development of EU and EU Member States’ External Competitiveness
CEPII Working Paper, N°2014-06, March 2014
Angela Cheptea,  Charlotte Emlinger, Lionel FontagnéGianluca Orefice & Olga Pindyuk & Robert Stehrer

Per-Unit Duties: Friends or Foes of Developing Country Exporters?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2013-23, July 2013
Charlotte EmlingerHoussein Guimbard

Multinational Retailers and Home Country Exports
CEPII Working Paper, N°2012-34, December 2012
Angela Cheptea, Charlotte Emlinger, Karine Latouche

The Trade Unit Values Database
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-10, April 2011
Antoine BerthouCharlotte Emlinger

Crises and the Collapse of World Trade: the Shift to Lower Quality
CEPII Working Paper, N°2010-07, March 2010
Antoine BerthouCharlotte Emlinger